Bro. Hakim Bey

Brother Hakim Bey gathers and organizes once concealed information to educate
members of our race-family. A leader in the Moorish Renaissance, his teaching help a person distinguish between fact and fiction. The brother presents keys to governing ourselves as a free and sovereign people!  Hakim H. Y. Bey focused on the works of Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali) and the power and sovereign status that was created by the “Our Authority” that sits in plain view on the back of the Moorish 101 Questionnaire. Hakim Bey Also stated the importance of creating wealth and independence for ones self.

DVD Prices

1 DISC = $5
2 DISC = $10

The DVDs

Noble Drew Ali


New Moors in The New Age


Moorish Paradigm


Do You Know


Political Motives for Suppressing G.O.D.


Moorish Assassin


All of Prof. Hakim Beys DVDs


The Books


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