Dr. Wayne B. Chandler

Dr. Wayne B. Chandler is a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator who has lectured around the world. He began his study of Yoga spiritual science in the early 70s under the guidance of Swami Vishnudevenanda where he learned the Sivananda system of Hatha yoga and Pranayama.  Mr. Chandler is a martial artist with over 25 years of experience. He is trained in the systems of Northern Chinese Kung-fu (Chung Chuan or Long Fist). He also has extensive training in the African based martial art of Capoeira in which he has been an instructor in both Washington DC and Cleveland Ohio for a total of 13 yrs. Wayne has also studied under the noted martial arts expert Kilindi Iyi in martial strategy, application, and energetic displacement. He currently studies the internal martial arts system of Pa Kua.

DVD Prices

1 DISC = $5
2 DISC = $10
3 DISC = $15
4 DISC = $20
5 DISC = $25

The DVDs

Hermetic Principles


Prana & Energy


Sexual Energy


Shifts in Evolution


Time Bandits 2 Discs


All of Wayne Chandlers DVDs



The Books


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