Bro. Rudra

Brother Rudra is one of the few Nubian scientists that came forth at the twilight of the
22nd century. One of but a few brothers and sisters that took on the mission to elevate or build with any spiritual being around them that were having the human experience. Armed with historical knowledge from their Elders, they chose missions and paths that were beyond politics, civil rights, emotional tantrums, foolishness and the mundane. These lectures are about elevation and deciphering those signs and symbols that enter our brain computers on a daily basis. At times these scientists could be considered artist, because their content may be explicit, but the spiritual beings they communicate to and from, have awesome powers of communication and understanding. Nubian wisdom is truth that can’t stay hidden from Nubian people in order for them to survive and blossom.

DVD Prices

1 DISC = $5
2 DISC = $10

The DVDs

Tapping into It ALL 2 Discs


Atlantis Rising


Al Kem


Black Magick Sex Rituals


Melangnosis 2 Discs


All of Bro. Rudras DVDs



The Books



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