R.I.P Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango

Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango was a dynamic minister, author, historian, educator and motivational speaker was born April 27, 1938 in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Barashango, affectionately known as Baba, received his bachelor of arts degree in religion from Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. He studied for his master’s degree at Northeastern Seminary in Takoma Park, Maryland. The New Afrikan University Network System of Washington, D.D. saluted him with an honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in 1979. Rev. Barashango founded the Temple of the Black Messiah, School of History and Religion and co-founded Fourth Dynasty Publishing Company of Silver Spring.  Rev. Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango began his journey to Nsamando, the land of the Ancestors on January 14, 2004. He apparently succumbed to a heart attack during his morning walk.

The DVDs

The Bible Legacy


African Origin of The Christian Church


European Holidays:  A Mental Genocide


Portraits of Eternal People


The Trails of Columbus


Last Speech


Black People Need to Stop Worshipping the White Man


Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up


African Woman Guardian Angel


All of Ishakamusa Barashangos DVDs



 The Books


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