Dr. Edward Scobie

Edward Scobie 1918-1996 Dominica.  A distinguished journalist/historian  Scobie was born in Dominica, a  British colony.  As a working journalist in London, Scobie became a correspondent for the Chicago Defender and for Ebony and Jet magazines.  He enlisted to serve the British cause during World War II, serving in the Royal Air Force as a pilot officer. After the war, he contributed to many London newspapers, magazines and the wire services, and became a frequent broadcaster and scriptwriter for radio and television.  From 1961 to 1963 he edited Flamingo, a monthly magazine published in London for African people in Britain, Africa and the Caribbean.  Scobie was twice the Mayor of Roseau, capital of Dominica, and vice-president of the Dominica Freedom Party. Edward Scobie was Professor Emeritus of History, Black Studies Department, City College of New York.  Previously, Dr. Scobie taught at Princeton and Rutgers Universities. He authored Black Brittania and The Global African Experience.

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Northern Free Trade Agreement


The Haitian Revolution


Caribbean History & Culture


From Greece to Columbus


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